Systemic Racism?

This should be quick. Sorry for the phone screenshot below. I’m all flustered.

Riots are not what we need right now. This all just plays into the schemes of George Soros and the like. They are trying to weaken America.

As you can see from the graph, a vast majority of crime is committed by black people, but a disproportionate 21% of people shot to death by police are black. 40% are white to date in 2020. How is there systemic racism against blacks? Anecdotal evidence is not scientific proof.

Stupid people look at Nationwide demographics and think that anything above 13% (percent of the population that is black) of the total numbers killed by police signifies racism. But you have to look at the crime rates. If blacks commit most of the crimes (and they do, for whatever reason. Aggravated assault as much as three times that of whites), they will have more encounters with the police. If they have more encounters with the police, then they will have more fatal encounters with police. It follows then, that from the raw numbers, IF you have an encounter with the police (because you’ve committed a crime) you are worse off being white. So much for white privilege.

The end game is something like #TheGreatReset Shame on these people at the World Economic Forum for using emotions to herd people into the corral of totalitarian world governance.

Look it up. It is the beast system, and the useful idiots that are rioting are paving the way for Satan’s henchmen. None of this is about racism – at least not to those who have stirred up the people of the world into anger.

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