5G: Conspiracy Fact?

Burning trash cans, broken shop windows, smoke, lamentations of bereaving women, crying babies, goose-stepping jack-booted thugs, gas masks, a sunless sky. Such is the situation desired by the little Napoleons in power – all in the name of Covid-19.

If you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock, then you’ve heard the 5G conspiracy theory. It goes like this: There is no Coronavirus; it is just a cover-up for the symptoms of exposure to 5G cellular radiation.

I’ve been wondering if there is any validity to this theory. It’s worth a look. In know, I know; people have been wailing about electromagnetic waves throughout all the “Gs” from 2G through 4G LTE. Is there any difference with the 5th “generation”? It takes digging to find out.

The Science

How could the invisible electromagnetic waves hurt us? It apparently has all to do with the frequencies. The 5G (or 5th Generation) signals can span a huge range of frequencies, including 60GHz, which happens to be more-or-less in the middle of the frequency range, but higher frequency than is being used by most carriers.

Theorists have zeroed in (mistakenly or not) on 60GHz as a radio frequency that adversely affect the oxygen molecules absorbed into our bodies. According to an article from the website Scientists for Wired Technology, ninety-eight percent of the energy emitted from a 60GHz antenna is absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. 1 The question I have is this: should we care? And what happens when oxygen is “absorbing” the radiation? Is it speeding up, charging up, growing a new appendage?

Figure 1, Source: FCC Bulletin 70A (via https://scientists4wiredtech.com)

The best thing to do is start Googling (actually, DuckDuckGo[ing]) stuff. Let’s look at some articles. But before we read too much into things, we should understand that not all 5G is created equal. There are three categories of 5G:

  1. Low-band: 0.6 GHz – 3.7 GHz. Similar to 4G. We aren’t worried about this one.
  2. Mid-band: 3.7 GHz – 24 GHz
  3. High Band: 24 GHz and up to roughly 300 GHz
Source: https://thermogramcenter.com/emf/

Currently (as of Jan 21, 2020), anywhere from 0.6 GHz to 71 GHz is open for wireless products. 2

As you can see in the figure above, the 5G range falls under the blanket label of “microwaves”. Certainly those, at high power, can cause damage. Just ask the leftover lasagna you heated up last night. However, a cellular antenna is something like 20W, while a microwave oven is several hundred; that makes a difference. So no nails in the coffin of 5G just yet.

According to an article entitled Effects of Long-Term Exposure to 60 GHz Millimeter-Wavelength Radiation on the Genotoxicity and Heat Shock Protein (Hsp) Expression of Cells Derived from Human Eye, there are several cellular (cellular tissue, not the phones) effects of prolonged exposure to millimeter wave radiation. Just in the introduction it states the already experimentally confirmed data:

  1. “53–78 GHz significantly inhibited the proliferation of human skin melanoma cells”
  2. “0.1 terahertz (THz) [same as 1000 GHz, somewhat out of our 5G range] continuous-wave radiation increased the genomic instability of human lymphocytes”
  3. “THz radiation induced spindle disturbances in human-hamster hybrid cells”
  4. “Negative physiological effects” 3

After all that preamble build-up and a bunch of experiments that I don’t understand, the ultimate conclusion was that 5G at 60 GHz has no effect on “MN frequency, single-strand breaks in the DNA, or Hsp expression.” Basically, nothing happened to a piece of human cornea immersed in fetal bovine serum, insulin, and epidermal human growth factor (gross!). It was sitting on a dish of vomit and got hit with 60 GHz waves from underneath. Go science…

Basically, nothing happened to a piece of human cornea immersed in fetal bovine serum, insulin, and epidermal human growth factor (gross!). It was sitting on a dish of vomit and got hit with 60 GHz waves from underneath. Go science…

I don’t find the experiment to be extraordinarily compelling, to say the least. It also deals mainly – from what I gather – with the genetic effects of 60 GHz radiation, rather than its effects on aerobic cellular respiration.

More importantly – and more relevant to our inquiry – is the fact that most of the 5G that has been rolled out is termed “mid-band”, meaning that it operates between 2.4 GHz and 4.2 GHz – roughly the same frequency as your common, everyday wireless home phone or internet router. 4 Clearly, we don’t see people dying in droves because of their wifi routers, so this “mid-band” stuff can’t be the culprit. Nevertheless, there are some areas that have utilized the higher frequencies. Verizon and AT&T are using 28 GHz and 39 GHz, respectively, so we are actually getting pretty close to that magic 60 GHz number. Judging from Figure 1 above, it would seem that the most liberal we can be with our suspicions is to suspect 50 GHz – 70 GHz as being the evil range with regard to O2 radiation absorption.

According to an article titled, 5G Wireless Technology: Millimeter Wave Health Effects, the FCC regulates the amount of millimeter wave (MMWs) radiation to which the general public can be exposed. This type of radiation is easily absorbed by plants, metal, and human tissue, only penetrating about 1 or 2 millimeters into the skin. Heating effects can occur at higher than permissable exposure levels, but, according to the article,

the health consequences of 5G exposure will be limited to non-thermal effects produced by prolonged exposure to MMWs in conjunction with exposure to low- and mid-band radiofrequency radiation. 5

It is comforting to know that our skin won’t be melted off by 5G towers, but it looks like we need to turn to the potentially more insidious side-effects of low level exposure over time. And these results aren’t necessarily linked to the magic 60 GHz frequency.

Here is an easy question to ask: Have there been any tests on humans or animals for deleterious health effects of millimeter wave radiation? It’s a disappointing one to answer; there don’t seem to be any official research papers on the subject. The best we can find is anecdotal evidence – something that is met with contempt by academics.

But wait, there is a declassified Russian study done in 1977. It has some surprising results. They irradiated animals with 24-59 GHz radiation at about 1 milliwatt per cm squared. That would be like standing 100 meters away from a 20W 5G cell phone tower, to put it in real terms. The results are surprising. Here is a link to the document.

One of the first things to stand out is the suppression of the central nervous system in the animals. It mentions a “reduction in the size of latent period in response to different conditioned stimilu”. That sounds an awful lot like someone who is “on edge”. Let’s label this one a stress response.

This is where it gets juicy. Inhibition of oxygen consumption of mitochondria:

Suppression of the immune system:

Actual people studied!

The general conclusion is that millimeter waves had an “unfavorable” 6 effect on living organisms.

This seems pretty conclusive. Even more recently, in a petition signed by “180 Scientists”, there are even more dramatic health effects from mm waves, and even just EMFs in general.

Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals. 7

Judging from all this information, it is hard to say that the claims of 5G conspiracy theorist is totally unfounded. Rather, they may be on to something.

So far, we have the following effects:

  • Reduces (??) proliferation of melanoma. (53-78GHz)
  • Genomic instability. (THz)
  • Spindle disturbances in hampsters. (THz)
  • Negative physiological effects.
  • Induced stress response, which can cause a number of health problems alone.
  • Reduced mitochondrial respiration.
  • Suppressed immune system.
  • Cancer
  • Cellular stress
  • Free radical damage
  • Gene damage
  • Changes in the reproductive system
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Neurological disorders
  • Disturbed sense of well-being
  • Also harmful to plants and animals

Let’s think about this hypothetically now. Let’s say you were to get all these symptoms above. Surely, you would be more susceptible to disease – something like the flu, even. Might your compromised immune system make a normally regular virus SEEM like something much more deadly? It is, after all, a compromised immune system that is said to “over-react” and cause damage to the body – specifically the lungs when infected with the COVID-19 “virus”. 8 Stranger things have happened in the world.

Corrolation, or Causation?

This is difficult. Over the years there have been anecdotes of nordic birds dropping dead and trees dying from 5G antennas. Most of these stories seem to be “debunked” by cursory Googlers.

The best way to see any initial corrolation of 5G to the Coronavirus is to look at a map of 5G coverage, sorted by frequency. That’s hard to do, so I just looked up Verizon’s and AT&T’s coverage maps, since they are supposedly using the heretofore unused mm waves.

Source: Verizon’s Website. Not particularly helpful.

AT&T’s map looks a little more sinister. The light color is the 5G coverage.

Source: AT&T website. Coverage map for New York State.

It looks alarming, but there is a caveat: This 5G may not even be available right now. At the bottom of the maps, it says:

“Available by April 2020”

Although, according to this article, 5G was destined to launch on September 26th, 2019 in New York. 9 That lines up with suspicions that the Coronavirus was floating around in America as early as October or November of last year, as well as the supposed delayed effects of 5G radiation.

I can’t necessarily see enough to prove that it is 5G causing the pandemic. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it’s hard to draw conclusions. We’d need a control. A large city exposed to the “virus”, and a large city with 5G exposed to the “virus”. So far, it looks like large cities (in other words, densely populated areas) are more susceptible to the spread of infections. They are also more likely to erect cellular antennas with short-distance 5G waves. We may never know, but I’m going to keep looking into it in the coming weeks.

It’s Political, Obviously


More worrisome is the sinister utilization of 5G technology by governments of the world. China, specifically, uses 5G as infrastructure for its surveillance activities. There are millions of cameras all around the country. They take footage of people’s faces and use AI to identify them, track them, and even read their lips to listen to conversations.

Here in the United States, 5G proponents speak of the less overtly-evil “internet of things”, or IoT. This entails all the dreams of computer dweebs everywhere. Imagine a world where your refrigerator tracks your food supply, your cereal box senses when you need more. Networked door locks, keychains, light switches, tooth brushes, everything you can imagine. Such a vast array of connected devices will require the speed of 5G, which is orders of magnitude faster than traditional connections. The question is, do you really want a world akin to the movie Minority Report? What might you say or do to upset the powers that be? With the googlebytes of information they’ll collect on every person, nobody will be innocent. To incur their displeasure is to strike you with the hammer of your latent crimes.

Tom Cruise tossing an annoying IoT (5G-enabled) cereal box aside

It is in the works, that’s for sure. Increasingly, techies speak of AI that will surpass humans in intelligence, yet be indistinguishable from a real person. Elon Musk is pushing his Neurolink pet project, which involves the insertion of tiny wires into the brain to enable human-machine interfacing. The Tesla car company is – I suspect – an AI project whose purpose is to perfect spatial navigation for robots. Undoubtedly, the amount of data processing and upload for a Tesla car would benefit from the speed of 5G. So naturally, Musk is really pushing for 5G satellite “towers” in space. He wants to blanket the WHOLE EARTH with 5G, whilst legitimate safety issues hang in limbo.

He wants to blanket the WHOLE EARTH with 5G, whilst legitimate safety issues hang in limbo.


Source: Angels and Demons movie (he was Illuminati)

We can only help the secret societies of the world light themselves on fire. It would save us the effort.

This subject can’t go without mention of the “Illuminati”, or the “deep state”, or “Banksters”. They are all the same thing. The Federal Reserve, the CFR, and the World Council of Churches, are all just branches of the same corrupt synagogue of Satan whose roots draw nourishment from the soil of the ancient Babylonian Mystery religion. All the folks that have been loitering around government and world affairs for decades are “the swamp”, and they all know each other. Look below for who Fauci is buddies with.

Dr. Fauci with Bill Gates Sr., David Rockefeller, and George Soros

With this “crisis”, we have the following:

  • Church is illegal – along with any assembly of people
  • We are on house arrest
  • The Federal Reserve is counterfeiting money at an unprecidented rate and buying assets, government bonds, and anything else they can get their hands on. Bailouts for all!

There is a destruction of our liberties happening now, and it is coinciding with a preparartion for a reset of the monetary system. They can only do this if we are locked up, fearful, and seeking help from the government. That is the only way. They need the scapegoat of a pandemic to prevent blame from falling on them.

There is so much more, but it is beyond the scope of this article. Just know that Fauci is a fraud. He was behind the HIV-aids myth that caused a panic in the 80s. Now he has scared the country into a clamorous frenzy, a desperate reach for a vaccine cure! Who will make trillions on such a vaccine? Probably Mr. Bill Gates Jr, who happens to own about 7 vaccine companies. He is also the largest donor to the World Health Organization. I was also able to find an article that points out:

Believe it or not, the coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading throughout China and abroad is a patented virus that’s owned by an entity called The Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 10

The point is, conflicts of interest abound. Trust nobody.

Dust Settling

We are now seeing that the number of deaths in the United States will be less than the 2017-2018 flu season, which killed 81,000 people. The initial government estimates were 2 million deaths, then 240,000, then 100,000, now (April 26) 67,000. I suspect the final number will be even less than this.

Source: https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america

Compare that chart with the US statistics on this year’s flu season below:

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm

It might end up being no worse than the flu by the time all is said and done. As I write this, there are just about 1million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States and 47,000 deaths. 11 There were over half a million hospitalizations from INFLUENZA this flu season, half of the actual cases of the Coronavirus. Now the latest information coming from antibody testing shows that as many as 5.6% of the population has already been infected – some being asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. Extrapolating for the entire country, that is about 21-million cases. This reduces the death rate to 0.23%. Some are saying it may be as low as 0.1%.

Then there is the inconvenient accusation that the deaths are being over-declared in favor of “COVID-19”. According to this episode of the Liberty Report with Ron Paul, 86% of deaths had other co-morbidities. That means they could have been hit by a truck and died in the hospital. If they happened to have Coronavirus, then that was their cause of death – even if their face exploded out of the back of their head on impact.


What we have is something similar to the flu, but way overblown by Fauci, Bill Gates, and the like. Maybe there is a disease out there, maybe there isn’t. Maybe it’s the regular flu exacerbated by the effects of 5G radiation? That’s a difficult one to pin down. What we can conclude is that there are a bunch of scumbags that stand to gain from a pandemic. They are the same scumbags that run the world, so to speak. 5G on top of things will only aid them in their diabolical schemes.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


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