Universal Deception for Every Taste: Aliens, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Spirit Guides, and the New Age

The world would have you believe that the various topics of what is considered to be the “paranormal” are – despite their common dark and mysterious nature – quite separable and independent of one another. However, as alternative theories are gradually given a voice (in UFO and Bigfoot circles, particularly), there are a growing number of people open to the idea that the entirety of paranormal activity – including Bigfoot, UFO’s, ghosts, and New Age type spirit guides – are actually interconnected and represent different divisions in a dark conspiracy to deceive human-kind. The ultimate goal seems to be the abandonment of God and the adoption of a New Age religion wherein the practitioner is his own god. This Satanic religion only leads to heartache, the wasting of one’s life in pursuit of illusionary goals, and estrangement from the Christian God.

The Paranormal Conspiracy Timothy Dailey

If I haven’t lost you yet, you may be already skeptical. I was introduced to this idea of a paranormal conspiracy about a year ago by a family member, but the concept of aliens, ghosts, and Bigfoot having any sort of connection didn’t fully come to fruition in my own thoughts until I read a book by Timothy Dailey, PH.D., entitled The Paranormal Conspiracy: The Truth about Ghosts, Aliens and Mysterious Beings. He shows pretty convincingly (and in a timely manner, thankfully – this was a quick read!) how a primitive creature like Bigfoot can have an affiliation with high tech beings like the “grays”. The book is not overly religious, and Dailey does a very good job at using scientific evidence to make arguments. Scripture is used to make the connection to spiritual matters. Too many religionists use the Bible as their sole argument, I think, but the convincing of the unbeliever requires an argument on their own territory to open minds.

To not risk doing a book review, we’ll move on from here and go over some major points in the book, but we’ll also bring in some ancient record sources along with scriptural material to make the connection of these modern phenomena to ancient occult practices. But let’s start small, with a true story mutated into a movie: The Lost City of Z.

Zed or Zee? Zedorzee? Nicholas Nickleby?

Lost City of Z

If you watched this film, what the writers and director presented was a secular story of a man passionate about discovery that spent his life in search of a lost, magnificent city hidden away in the Amazon jungle. What they didn’t tell you – besides is the more mystical side of his story, the fact that spirit entities are the ones that convinced him of the existence of the mythical city and led him down a path that ended in his eventual imprisonment and death among native tribes.

It all started with Blavatsky, according to Dailey. She was the bringer of the New Age movement into the West. Self described as the High Priestess of Isis, she was far from the Eden-like light being implied by her title. Fat, crass, prone to heavy drinking and smoking, she did not possess the qualities of self restraint normally associated with spiritual gurus. Her charicature presented by the Theosophical Society is not accurate, in other words, and she was a deciever, responsible for leading countless souls down the Satanic path of the New Age movement.

Helena Blavatsky, Image from https://www.theosophyonline.com/ler.php?id=4155

Blavatski is credited with bringing the New Age to the West, but who cares, right? What’s so bad about the New Age? It’s just meditation and peace and love… Wrong. It is a religion that promotes the elevating of one’s self to his or her own god. Coincidentally, it is the same religious sentiments are commonly preached by Bigfoot, Aliens and spirit guides alike.


That’s right. Bigfoot is a New Age guru. Well, perhaps not, but over the years, I have heard some funny stories on that subject. However, there is some evidence that Bigfoot is a supernatural being. Dailey makes the claim that “many Bigfoot sightings are accompanied by phenomena traditionally associated with demonic activity such as the stench of sulfur or rotten meat”. Could our fluffy smiling Bigfoot of Harry and the Hendersons be a myth? Probably. Good things don’t often hide in the shadows and obfuscate their true nature. There is a variation of giant hairy bipedal hominid in virtualy every culture. Is it reasonable to think that we are truly dealing with a flesh and blood creature in the light of so little physical evidence? He is no gorilla in the mist. He is intelligent, deceptive, and probably an instrument in an evil agenda.

Dailey sites a woman’s experience with the creature that raises questions and expands the possibilities of the truth behind all this. This woman heard a noise in her front yard. Alarmed, she grabbed her 16 gauge shotgun and stepped out the front door. Confronted with the site of a hairy beast in her yard, she discharged her weapon straight at it. Immediately, the creature was gone. It didn’t merely run off into the woods; it disappeared, then she witnessed some strange lights ascend into the sky from the forest beyond.

Either Bigfoot is a technologically advanced alien being, or he is just a piece of the puzzle of an interconnected paranormal world.


That’s right. Aliens are New Age gurus. I’m also currently working on a book on the subject of aliens. From my research so far, Timothy Daily seems to be spot on in the spiritual sense. The jury is still out for me with regards to the psychological nuts and bolts of abductions and flying saucers though. Regardless of that aspect, the message spewed from those tiny alien mouths is once again steeped in the occult.

Daily Cites John Keel:

The endless messages from the space people would now fill a library, and while the communicators claim to represent some other world, the contents of those messages are identical to the messages long received by mediums and mystics. (1)

John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse (New York: Putnam, 1970), 183. (Sourced from The Paranormal Conspiracy, by Timothy Dailey, PH.D.)

What message is this? To answer that inquiry, we have to look at the message of mediums and mystics, it seems. Dailey addresses this, as well.

Spirit Guides??

Cover Photo from Amazon.com http://a.co/d/4N66A8I

That’s right. Spirit guides are New Age gurus, too. For his source material here, Dailey uses the powerful example of Joe Fischer to illustrate the deceptive nature of the entities we call “spirit guides”. He shows how Fisher, along with other men (see The Lost City of Z) have wasted their lives away, destroyed familial relationships, and ultimately gotten themselves into situations leading to their deaths because of the whisperings of these spirit entities who claim themselves deceased persons.

This book is on my list “to read”.


In the end, Daily does an excellent job of bringing together pertinent evidence for his argument that pretty much all paranormal activity is rooted in the same soil: evil. His argument is (loosely) that the various forms of paranormalcy work in tandem to distract and mislead mankind down unproductive and even damning paths. Those who look to aliens and spirit guides for their “gospel” are bound to be lied to, waste their lives, and become frustrated by a lack of truth. Those who fear ghosts, bigfoot, aliens, and whatever else is out there live in a world overrun by hostile forces (think of a Stephen King story).

So what does anybody do about any of it? The most effective solution is to ignore it all, focus on your family and doing good. Once you delve into the occult and the paranormal, a lifetime of questions without answers awaits. The conspiracy only lets you see what they want you to see. Any efforts to derive light and knowledge – or even answers – from ghosts, Bigfoot, cryptids, aliens, werewolves, or spirit guides is like eating the pages of a book to learn its contents. It totally misses the mark.

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