5G: Conspiracy Fact?

Burning trash cans, broken shop windows, smoke, lamentations of bereaving women, crying babies, goose-stepping jack-booted thugs, gas masks, a sunless sky. Such is the situation desired by the little Napoleons in power - all in the name of Covid-19. If you've been living anywhere but under a rock, then you've heard the 5G conspiracy theory.... Continue Reading →

Update on La Corona

In my last post, I discussed the possibility of the Chinese Virus being a biological weapon mishap. Ultimately, I erred on the side of "we don't know", but I waffle back and forth. This video showed up on my YouTube recommendations. This professor has some pretty compelling evidence to suspect that the virus was enhanced... Continue Reading →

Chinese-Mexican Beer Virus

By now you've either become sick of hearing about the Coronavirus - or "Covid-19" - or you have just spent your Saturday standing in the toilet paper line at Costco. The people the people really paying attention are worried and preparing, the mainstream media prefers to dwell on Bloomberg's 500 million dollar debate debauchal, Super... Continue Reading →

Were Israelites Black?

We'll return to the origins of the occult next time. I've been having some writer's block lately, but managed to scrounge up some material for this post while engaging in an internet argument (nobody wins internet arguments, by the way). I realize this is a risky post, but it deals with a question that many... Continue Reading →

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